The project is distinguished primarily by its visual and spatial form, complemented by available materials which differentiate between the present and past, thus establishing new demarcation lines within private histories. In parallel with the evolving dynamics of the artistic research process, the past moves through various familiar spaces – presence, and those absent from the experience of the past – absence. Therefore, in theoretical, as well as formal and technical sense, through use of archival materials this work tackles the issue of multimedia and its aspects, evident in the relations between photography, text and sound, as well as the combination of analog and digital media. The charactrer of this artwork is ambiental, its disposition investigative and analytical, focusing on reinterpretation of the existing medium and its transformation into a new conceptual ambiance. The narratives serve the purpose of reexamining the rearranged photographic materials, so that manifold contents on display allow the On the spot to generate an experience of new perceptions and interpretations of the family archive.