Family album was used as an authentic source for visual analysis, in which photography, as the main medium, is combined with elements of botany, audio and visual recordings. With this artwork I intend to explore the very interrelation between the selected photographs and, in each segment, show a connection with some other and different, but relevant realities. The work is comprised of family photo portraits and preserved plants from the botanical collection, i.e. herbarium. The work points to the relationship between the portraits and the carefully selected specimens of plant species which, by way of meaning they convey, produce an effect of correlation with the characters presented. The selected plants show the connection between these portraits and their characteristics in the botanical world, based on the anthropogenically formed habitats, localities, adaptability and other features. An integral part of every photograph is a plant to which the character in the portrait serves as a complementary part. The very characteristics of the portrait become complementary with the plant, not as a sign of a loss of personality, but as evidence of a choice made to share the same nature and the same destiny with that which is represented.