Force Majeure / ambientized radio drama, 2022

Introducing sound installations consisting of seven circular screens with a chandelier – loudspeaker in the mid position to broadcast the radio play, the artist constitutes a new field in unmasking the past. If we know that the radio is a medium that gives people back “lost togetherness and a sense of belonging”, it is clear why Šuković introduces reading family stories. Bourriaud further suggests that an artist opens up another plane of sensitivity, activating atmosphere, dialogue, music, emotions… In a form of a short dialogue between a ten year old boy (the artist) and his parents, interrupted briefly by a sudden death of someone close, vibrant points meet in search of sense, while the simplicity of everyday life and the logic of an absolute NOW are blurred by the inevitability and unavoidability of a human life. In a hasty atmosphere of a hot sunny day and a sudden death shock, the sound of the hit song Felicità (happiness) is heard. The utopian symbolism, lounge music and suspended meaning of an overall notion of happiness paradigmatically assuage the matter of death, finality and what is left after it, or major force, as the artist’s parents understand.